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Начало » 2007 » Сентябрь » 2 » Witch Hunter Robin
Witch Hunter Robin
Main Title: Witch Hunter Robin (a96)
Official Title french: Witch Hunter Robin
Official Title japanese: ウィッチハンター ロビン
Synonym: Cadı Avcısı Robin, Мисливиця на відьом Робін, 魔女猎人罗宾
Short: Robin, WHR
Type: TV Series, 26 episodes
Year: 02.07.2002 till 24.12.2002
Categories: Contemporary Fantasy, Detective, Fantasy, Magic, SciFi, Seinen, Tragedy - similar
Description:A couple of hundred years have passed and people hardly hear about witches nowadays. However, a leading secret organization in witch management still exists. Salomon`s witch management organization, STN, is assigned the task of capturing the remaining witches. As a leading secret organization in witch management, STN`s influence has reached the government and police organizations across the world.

As the recent change in Japanese society has led into an increase of witch activities, STN-J assembled a group of hunters to draw a desperate last-minute fight against witches. However, the mysterious death of one member of the group has led to a decrease in morale in STN-J.

In order to help STN-J, a lone 15 year old replacement girl is sent by Salomon directly to Tokyo. Robin Sena, a craft user, can she be really the key to win this fight?
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